Roberts Cleaners - Damaged dry Cleaning and verbal abuse from Robert's cleaners of Surbiton


Has anyone else had bad service customer service from Robert's cleaners of surbiton?

I have! The enameled buttons on my winter coat were completly stripped of their paint by Robert's cleaners of surbiton, despite me paying for a special 'hand finish' - at their suggestion - to prevent damage. Although the dry cleaner repaired them after I took it back and complained, the blaming and aggressive attitude of the boss, Robert Helliwell, shocked both me and other customers in the shop.

The manager Robert Helliwell's response was to shout at me (literally) and bare-faced lie in claiming that it had been covered to prevent damage and (the bit I cannont understand) that it was my fault for paying the extra for a more specialist clean!

Previously I have had this coat special dry cleaned twice before, and there has been no damage. To suggest it was my fault (why?) and that I shouldn't have had it specialist cleaned, was ridiculous! Words failed me. He was both aggressive and verbally abusive, which I cannot understand why.

A graceful aploogy, instead of verbal abuse, should have been the obvious way to treat a customer - and keep my continuing custom.

E Sharp

Surbiton resident

Review about: Dryb Cleaning.

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